Frozen Starfall is a doujin music circle from Germany. It has been founded in 2015 for its first album release at Comiket 89. Mainly we’re producing electronic music like House and Trance, but we’re also trying to explore other genres from time to time. Physical releases of our albums will currently be distributed by our partner circle “Yonder Voice”.


Frozen Starfall – Earlier known as “Babbe” decided to start a new circle in late 2015 due to personal reasons. He’s the arranger of all the sounds! His work is mainly inspired by other doujin artists such as camellia, syrufit or kirin, even though he also likes some commercial music. He has been participating in the doujin scene since 2012 as one of the first Touhou arrangers using German vocals. Since then, he collaborated with different artists from the doujin scene as well.

Sasi – Main vocalist and co-leader of Frozen Starfall. She has been creating YouTube Covers since 2011 and was originally inspired by YouTube user SomehowCreative. Because of her friends Milky and Babbe she started to sing Touhou Songs as well. Later on, she participated in several albums which have also been released in Japan. From the very beginning on, she wanted to be part of Frozen Starfall and is also leading her own Touhou Doujin Circle “Blossom Nightfall” where she releases Trance and House arrangements.

Milky – Second main vocalist of Frozen Starfall. She started singing back in November 2010 and picked up arranging in 2014. She loves to cover Vocaloid and Touhou songs as well as Anime soundtracks. In mid 2016, she decided to join the circle for their upcoming works and  is also leading her own Doujin Circle “Norowareta Night” which is mainly focused on Electronic Arrangements.

H*M – Lyricist of Frozen Starfall and a fan of translating Japanese lyrics. His own lyrics tend to be very dark but he has a generally happy and optimistic personality.

Mai88 – Internal supporter of Frozen Starfall. Doujin music has become a part of her life, that’s why she wanted to participate in the scene. In the past she also created German lyrics for different arrangements.

Regular Guest Members:

Muffin – Guest vocalist of Frozen Starfall. Likes cute things, enjoys drawing and singing. She began creating fandubs and covers on YouTube, regularly being inspired by Touhou songs. Member of “Blossom Nightfall”.

Apple – Guest vocalist of Frozen Starfall. Creating fancovers since 2011, she always wanted to be part of a music circle. She’s a member of “Blossom Nightfall” as well.

Starlight – Guest vocalist of Frozen Starfall. Just like the others, she also creates fancovers. She already participated at conventions as a live act, covering mostly anime songs. Member of “Blossom Nightfall”.

Selphius – Guest vocalist of Frozen Starfall.  She’s been creating fancovers on YouTube before collaborating with the circle!

Special Guests:

We also feature special guests from other circles we collaborate with. Here’s a list of them:

 – Vocals [Yonder Voice]

NGC3.14 – Arrangement

Nhato – Arrangement [Otographic Music]

Kirin – Remix [EastNewSound]

Syrufit – Remix [SSC / ALADDIN]

crouka – Arrangement [FrontierFloor]

Renko – Lyrics / Vocals [ORANGE★JAM]

蒼羅杏 – Lyrics [Yonder Voice]

Violet Delta – Remix

綾倉盟 – Vocals

茂木和美 – Lyrics


You can contact us by mail. Simply replace the ☆ sign with an @!