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About Reitaisai 15 and beyond

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, we had no new album release this Reitaisai! It’s the first Reitaisai we’re skipping since a few years…

We have decided to slow down a bit, as always meeting the deadlines for events causes a lot of stress and we’d like to put more effort and fun into our works… That’s why we are scheduling our next release for Winter Comiket this time.

Anyways, we are still producing guest songs and we’re proud to be on Sieudiver’s Reitaisai album “Fearless Desire”! Please check it out:

Fearless Desire

Thanks for your support!


Comiket 92 Releases

Heya everyone! ~

As mentioned on our social media before, we will not participate in C92 with a new album. Though, we will release our next “Instrumental Collection” as well as 2 guest songs for web releases this time! The albums will be released August 12th on their respective websites.

Frozen Starfall – Instrumental Collection Vol. 2

We hope you enjoy these releases!

Meanwhile, we will be working on our next full album, scheduled for Winter Comiket.

Frozen Starfall