C95 announcements

Hi everyone!

We will release our new album “let the DANCErs rock the FLOOR”  at Comiket 95 (2018/12/30 – Yonder Voice 東ロ52a)! Please check out the album page for more information!

C95 - let the DANCErs rock the FLOOR
C95 – let the DANCErs rock the FLOOR

Also, we will release a guest song on the new album “Million Stars” by Norowareta Night! Please check out their crossfade demo as well! We provided Tr. 12 – Rising Dawn!

Million Stars
Million Stars (Norowareta Night)

Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy our new works! ~


One thought on “C95 announcements”

  1. I check every day for a new album, and to be frank I can’t wait to see what’s new. In my country, I can’t do anything but listen to either metal, hardbass, or the electro (house? sorry if I got it mixed up, the group puts out so many great subgenres of EDM out!) that you guys put out compared to what’s on the radio. I don’t mean to kiss up to you all here, but every album no matter the contents has been solid gold to me! Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to be honest and direct. Thanks if you’ve read this, I’ve been a fan since Babbe Music back in 2013 and if I had the funds, I’d pay for a physical copy of every album!

    Thanks from the USA!

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