Hi everyone!

I’m sorry to inform you that Frozen Starfall is currently on hiatus. What does “hiatus” mean? It means that for the time being we have no plans to release a new Touhou arrangement album.

However, we still have a few unfinished songs and remixes that we want to release as single releases or an EP. The release date is uncertain, we will announce it as soon as possible. Also, we are working on original songs and still doing guest work for other doujin circles.

We hope that you understand and maybe one day we will come back with a new full album release!

Thank you very much for your support!


New works for Air Comiket 2

Hi everyone!

2020 has been a tough year for every single one of us. However, we are doing our best to deliver new Electro Pop Touhou arrangements. As Winter Comiket is cancelled this year, we are releasing at Air Comiket instead. Instead, our albums will be available in doujin shops and online as usual! Hope you enjoy our new songs, please stay safe and healthy! ❤

First of all, we will release our new album “Infinite Dreams”! It contains 11 new songs! Please check it out:

Infinite Dreams
Air Comiket 2 – Infinite Dreams

We will also release 2 EPs on bandcamp! Please look forward to “Sunlight Diamonds – 5th Anniversary Remix”!

Sunlight Diamonds - 5th Anniversary Remix

Additionally, we will release a collaboration EP with Shisuka. “Ipse dixit” contains arrangements of “Bad Apple!!”, please check it out on Shisuka’s bandcamp!

Ipse dixit

Thank you for your continuous support!

FS [Frozen Starfall]