Fearless Desire
Circle: Sieudiver
Release: 2018-05-06 (Reitaisai 15)

08. Starshine Desire
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Open up your Heart
Circle: Norowareta Night
Release: 2017-08-11 (Comiket 92)

08. Azure feat. Cereza
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After Daylight
Circle: Blossom Nightfall
Release: 2017-08-11 (Comiket 92)

06. Demoniac Path ft. 加藤
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memories II
Release: 2016-12-29 (Comiket 91)

01. re-imagine (FS Remix)
03. A Love Canon (FS Remix)
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Circle: Studio “Syrup Comfiture” / ALADDIN
Release: 2016-08-13 (Comiket 90)

10 Lapis-FS Remix-/綾倉盟/Frozen Starfall
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House set of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Circle: クロネコラウンジ
Release: 2016-03-27

兎は舞い降りた (Frozen Starfall Remix)

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